Night before war

Well, the moment I've been preparing for throughout my whole 6 years of RV life, the night before A's is officially here... Do not want...

Tomorrow is Chemistry Paper 3, I'm still not prepared for it... The way I've been mugging Chemistry, is as if I'm only taking Chemistry for A'levels. For these few weeks, I neglected Physics and Economics... Hope that my skills are still there...
A'levels and November please be good to me and pass by fast and smoothly. Really hating this feeling

Well, I'll go and memorise as much Chemistry stuffs as possible now. I'll probably be back in December or super late November :D

Oh and I need to post some photos. EXILE just released their anata e PV and its flawless, its flaw-free from the song to the PV. It's the best Christmas song and PV I've heard and seen so far for this year.
EXILE is the only band I would say is really perfect, from the quality of their songs, their PVs, their weekly shows, their relationship with each other (In a poll conducted in Japan, they're voted as the band with the closest relationship), their lyrics, their figures, their dance, their voice and the longevity of the band.
And now I can find EXILE photos and news on Tumblr~~ :D Then I found some HD screencaps of those flawless men. They're like perfect dad/husband material trying to get christmas presents for their children/wife. I only post those screencaps of my bias~

Bias not in order, all of them are too flawless for me to rank.
1. Atsushi







Atsushi and Takahiro (+ SHUN), their duet and voices are probably the best I've ever heard after jumping from Cpop to Kpop to Jpop.
While Naoto and Tetsuya are probably the best celebrity dancers I've seen. Tetsuya is the leader of Nidaime Japanese Soul Brothers and a member of EXILE, Naoto is the member of Nidaime Japanese Soul Brothers and EXILE and leader of Sandaime Japanese Soul Brothers.

And Sandaime Japanese Soul Brothers are really getting better and better. Their dance style is so sleek and different from EXILE and Nidaime Japanese Soul Brothers. Hope they don't get absorbed into EXILE and carry on climbing the charts.

Off to mug then~
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Time is ticking and what am I doing?

A'levels is soon approaching. Left 18 days I guess? And today was a complete slack day for me, this can't do!! I got to get my act up together again, get my engine going again~~
Must not panick, must not panick

So far I think Math and Physics I'm on the right track. If I keep up this pace, I think I can secure an A if nothing really unexpected or bad happens.

Economics and GP... Still very uncertain, hoping for the best.
Chemistry I'm still trying to salvage that wrecked train...

Lets just hope I manage to achieve good results for my A's, just give my best.

Anyway, I can't believe I have the EXACT same birthdate 14/07/1993 as one of my bias!!!
Yamamoto Sayaka, captain of NMB48.

She is only 18 year old, but omg can you believe it. Same day same month same year, its just so freaking cool. She just moved up my bias list by quite alot~~

NMB's new single is pretty strong. I like all the songs in there.

Next week is AKB is releasing their new single~~ You're going to watch how they slay all the other people on the charts. I feel kind of sad for MBLAQ lol, their sales number is going to pale in comparison with AKB's


Screwed up, big time.

It is after Prelims already, got back some paper... Not looking good, not looking good at all...

Well, and 40 days left to A'levels... With the current results, I really can't believe this is reality, this all feels like a nightmare.

I screwed up my Mid Year Examinations, so I decided for term 3 to everyday stay back in school and study till 9:30pm. It is a freaking 14 hours in school everyday, I traded my life for studies. I really did my best but the prelims results doesn't even reflect 50% of my effort.

Everybody is complaining how they didn't get A/B while I freaking got U.... I don't want to say anything, as its true with A'levels nearing we should all be aiming as high as I could. But wth wth wth, I put in so much effort and I'm still getting such shitty grades, after 1 whole term of hard work I'm still aiming to pass!? Screw this. 1 term didn't change anything, what makes me think this 1 month of hardwork will make much difference? How can a straight U student jump to a straight A/B student?? I doubt so...

Most people agree that I work hard, put in alot of effort for the past term and ask why did I get this score. I understand and appreciate your concern, but I really don't know why. I'm feeling very dissatisfied with my performance.

Oh well, whatever... I'll just continue studying, the results will wait till next year. At least I learn something very valuable "Life really ain't fair, if you're at the losing end, then sucks to be you."

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When the going gets tough, just suck thumb

I'm currently having Prelims, its not looking good...

So far I felt that some papers are relatively easier than what I expected but I didn't put in adequate effort to ace those papers, while some papers I already put in all of my efforts throughout the whole term 3, yet it didn't go as well as I hope.

No comments for Econs paper 1 as usual. Econs is the most unpredictable subject, I can hand in the script expecting an A, then the marks that I go back is a U, so no comments.

Then Chemistry Paper 2 and 3 was easier than what I expected. I focused on Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry I didn't really memorise, and I was expecting Chemistry Paper to be a killer. In the end, I went inside there able to fill in most of the blanks (I don't know if the answers are correct). I just write down whatever comes to my head. You must know I go in there with the expectation to pass thats all, and I think I should be able to pass Chemistry this time if I don't screw up my paper 1.... So, relatively happy~~

Then Physics Paper 2 was a very big disappointment for me... I mugged Physics the most for the whole of term 3, I literally sold my soul to Physics lol... Then the paper, it was do-able, but then some questions I screwed up. One of the question I completely mis-understood the question and it carries 11 out of the 72 marks... This weekend, I'm going to focus on Physics Paper 3. Still can't accept the fact that I mugged the hardest for Physics and it is going to be the subject I screwed up the most. 不甘愿

Today I did Math Paper 1... Hmm, I think I should be able to pass. I find this easier than what I expected but I screwed up the Vectors part big time... 2 questions on vectors and *poof*, other people find those 2 questions easy and I screwed that up... Vectors has always been 1 of my weakest topics in Math... Still angry at myself for this performance in Math paper 1...
Tomorrow is Math Paper 2, Statistics will be the deciding factor there... Got to get my act back together and get going.

Now the fatigue really starts to kick in and when the stress and emotion settles in... It's really not good...

But what to do? A'levels is really getting very near and getting more real by each minute. Just suck thumb and endure all this...
Come on lets go everyone~

Meanwhile there is this very awesome awesome song

Among all the artistes that I heard, this guy's voice is one of the best imo. EXILE's vocalists are really World-class in terms of singing!
SHUN's voice is the most powerful, Atsushi's voice is the most balanced between power and soothing while Takahiro's voice is the most soothing. A pity SHUN has left EXILE to pursue his solo career, but glad his solo career is doing well... Now EXILE stopped singing the old ballad songs as it requires SHUN's powerful vocals to pull those songs off.
Really hope SHUN will reunite with EXILE for a concert, with these 3 guys singing the stage will explode with overflowing awesomeness.
3 of the best singers in Asia singing together. You really need to hear these 3 guys' voice

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Time is ticking

Its Saturday night~

My prelims is going to continue on Monday morning...

There is only 4 subjects left but there are loads of stuffs to prepare...

I've been focusing so much on Chemistry these few days and I think I really neglected the other subjects, especially Math.

I really pray that I'll pass all of my Prelim subjects, I really mugged hard this term, just let me pass them...

This A'levels saga is really taking a toll on my body and sanity... But what to do??

It's life~~

And so looking forward to 20th September!!!

Trying hard to contain my excitement

Ok shall go try to mug now.

Wish me luck... :X


It's been a really long time~

It's been a really long time since I've even bothered to update this dead blog lol~
But now I shall update this super dead blog while waiting for JunWei to come my house and mug...

Now everyday life for me is just mugging, preparing for A'levels.
Even during normal school days, I'll stay back and study in school library till 9:30pm before going home.

It is less than 2 months till A'levels and 3 months till this nightmare ends.
Gotta keep moving forward, can't afford to give up at this point.

Oh and recently Sashi came to Singapore haha~~ AKB48 Singapore fanpage just suddenly update that she is going to come and be at the Cafe and shop on a Tuesday afternoon. What a weird timing, on a weekday and on the early afternoon!? Everybody will be either working/studying...

Anyway, I decided to go down to SCAPE and try to catch a glimpse of her. Of course, Leon came with me while BenJin just tagged along.
In the morning, I went to school for consultation, then meet up with Leon and go SCAPE together.
Then the shop person said that if we buy Sashihara goods worth more than $20, then we get to have a handshake with her. Leon just went in and immediately bought a poster of her lol, while I didn't want to buy. She was not my top few bias, so I don't want to buy.
Leon kept persuading me to buy, kept saying how he will keep squirming inside alone. In the end, he bought 1 more poster and lend it to me so I can go in with him for the handshake. (I'm very glad he did that, that was really an awesome experience)

Fast forward
And then she came down from Cafe and tour around inside the shop while people were screaming and shouting and jerseys of her and pictures of her. Oh and there was this 1 girl crying lol. I saw a number of adults wearing suits and holding briefcases there taking pictures of her, they sneaked out of their workplace.

Ok then on to the handshake, Leon was the 4th person while I'm the 5th? It was really a one-time experience. She was really small and look different in real life. She look really pretty and natural in real life, and thank goodness she wore the outfit which they wore on Music Station and not the Gold/Blue/Red Flying Get outfit...
At first I went in, I was lost for words lol. I don't know Japanese, I don't know what to say and she looked at me... So she said "hi", I said "hello", then handshake and omg, her hand is very small and smooth... Don't know if she applied powder or what, but that is the smoothest hand I've ever touched. Then she said something in Japanese super fast which I couldn't catch (even if I could, I probably won't understand what she said) Then she said "thank you" and I just replied "thank you". At this moment, I don't know whether to continue stand there trying to talk to her or walk away, she also didn't know what to say lol. Then she said something in Japanese that starts with m? Then I nodded, smiled at her and walked out lol.

What an awkward first encounter. When she went out and then fans start to form a line and she high-fived everyone. Most of the people can talk to her in Japanese... Ahhh, they can converse...
Even the adults who sneaked out of their workplace also talked to her in Japanese, although its a short conversation, but ahhhh....
Then there is this lucky lucky lucky guy who took his handphone out and requested to take a photo with her and she complied. He just stretched his hand out and took a self-cam with her and done.... Darn it, what a lucky guy....

Then blah blah blah, people continue screaming and shouting then she left. Then I heard some of the people saying "Time to go back work already". LOL, got to applaud them.

I know afterwards she went to Ion for shopping and to visit the Merlion?? Lol...
She blogged about how Singapore love her Danso and she'll fufill her promise of a team A concert in Singapore.

These are some of the photos she blogged, which she took in Singapore.
She looked really super pretty in real life.
I would wish she come Singapore in Danso lol

After seeing how much prettier she looked in real-life, I'm beginning to wonder how much prettier will the other media senbatsu members look in real life.
Especially, them being plastic-free. At least now I know not all pretty faces are plastic, there are girls born with these faces.

And their dorky characters.

Should really go to sleep now... I've spent 5 hours typing this, including mugging and playing lol
Bb everyone, off to sleep~

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18 years of existence

It's been 18 years.
I can't even believe I'm that old, 18 years old sounds old

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday today
Whether through facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS or real life
I really appreciate all of you

Then these few days have been extremely down for me, or you can call it emo
Sucky results, despite mugging so hard
Then some people are just insensitive, they don't know how to change their words in front of a person who flunked the MYE
"Wah I fail damn badly leh, got a freaking E" Seriously? Is this what you would say in front of a person who got a U?

But I'm trying to get over this down phase, so shall not rant anymore
And really thank alot of people who keep comforting me and encouraging me
Thanks those people who actually keep Tweeting and SMSing me to cheer me up
I know it must have been sucky to talk to an emo person lol

And furthermore, there is tumblr and aramatheydidnt and AKB48 that cheer me up lol!!
Especially tumblr gave me so many AKB48 GIFs and pics haha
They're so dorky

Mayuyu impressing herself

Mayuyu happily strolling for her life

Mayuyu victory pose

So adorkable and not missing Yuko the dork Queen lol

There is school tomorrow, off to sleep~

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